Website Development:  We designed website from the scratch. Client can opt whether they want hosting on our server or they want to go with their own server. The prices depends on your choice.

Once you have brought the website and hosting, you can share the login credentials with us and we will start the work from scratch.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Promotion:

Depending upon your goal we will set up your adwords account. As it is the best way to bring people to our site and outreach more people. Google dominate 80 percent of the searches that occur online and we cannot neglect this. SEM promotion(Adwords) is the best way to go about it as organically it will take us more than 7 months to rank on Google.

Our paid Campaign will include:

  • One Search & Call Campaign- For Instant Booking Or Enquiry
  • One Display Campaign- For Our Brand Promotion
  • One Youtube Campaign- Reaching More Audience For Brand Promotion

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

I’ll be doing test as which one works Adwords Or Facebook. Additionally, I’ll be creating a Facebook page and Twitter page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

This is most important factor, this is slow process but the best type marketing. Expected date to be completed may go to even one year. However, if we can do this well, we will be saved from spending money on Facebook and Adwords.

seo service

Please find the expected promotion charges apart from Digital Marketing Expenditure.

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