Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training




Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course Details

Perfect for beginners. Experience the Real time implementation

❖ What is Search Engine Optimization?
❖ Business Analysis
❖ Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing
❖ How search engine work?
❖ Different types of search engines?
❖ Operators used in SEO
❖ SEO Algorithms and its updates
❖ Types of SEO
❖ Pagerank
❖ Link influence score
❖ Domain Authority
❖ Page Authority

❖ What is a Keyword
❖ Types of Keywords
❖ Importance of keywords in seo
❖ Analysis of keywords for a particular company
❖ Keyword research tools
❖ Analysis of keywords using google adwords
❖ Competitor Analysis

❖ What is On Page Optimization
❖ Design factors and guidelines
❖ Differences between dynamic and static sites?
❖ File name and folder name and URL optimization
❖ Title tag optimization
❖ Meta tags optimization
❖ How to write meta description
❖ Bread Crumbs
❖ Canonical URL
❖ Anchor link optimization
❖ Content writing for seo
❖ Site maps submission
❖ Image optimization
❖ URL optimization
❖ Robots.txt
❖ WordPress SEO
❖ Non WWW to www
❖ Complete rules of on page
❖ Speed Optimization
❖ favicon

❖ What is Off page Optimization?
❖ Difference btw On page & Off page Optimization
❖ Importance of Backlinks and Citations in SEO
❖ Link Building Techniques
❖ Directory Submissions
❖ Classified posting
❖ Social Bookmarking
❖ Image submission
❖ Video submission
❖ Redirections
❖ .htaccess file

❖ Diagnosis of SEO
❖ Analysis of Website
❖ Recovery of website in Search engine
❖ SEO Tools

❖ Best Practices
❖ Questions and Answers & HR Interview Questions


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